Nouy, in some EU banks high npl

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 22 – Some banks in Europe still have a “high” level of non-performing loans and the ECB continues to work with institutions to develop “action plans tailored” to reduce its stake. This was stated Daniele Nouy, head of the ECB’s supervision, in a hearing focused on the issue of non-performing loans. Nouy added that although “it will take time to reduce the level of npl, we can expect good progress over the next few years.” For the supervisory board remains “concerned about the low profitability because it can have an impact in the medium term sustainability of some business models”. “Some banks may find it difficult to generate capital,” explained Nouy and “the ECB in the coming quarters will monitor carefully the sustainability of the business models of the banks to ensure that they are able to cope with cyclical developments and structural challenges.”


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Autore: Jessica Bertazzo