Banks, in January Npl down by 5 billion

Abi confirmation. The bad loans begin to diminish. Not only gross NPLs (skip to 9% from 9.4% of loans) but also net of write-downs. The latter fact in late January amounted to 83.6 billion euro, compared to 89 billion in December 2015: it is a reduction of more than EUR 5 billion so that the ratio of net non performing loans to total loans stood at 4.64 percent against 4.94% in December 2015: a first tangible sign that the crisis is behind us and the recovery in the economic cycle.
Meanwhile, back in a very mild way, in February, even lending by banks to households and businesses: rose 0.04% against the 0.58% registered in January that he had canceled the hike started in November. The total of loans to residents in Italy (private sector plus government) is placed at 1.8268 trillion euro, marking a + 0.6% annual change (-0.2% the previous month). For the deputy director general of the Association of Palazzo Altieri, Gianfranco Torriero ‘increments are content but that signal a potential reversal of the cycle. ” With respect to January 2016, the dynamics of loans to non-financial companies amounted to -0.9% (-0.7% the previous month). Increasing the dynamic trend of the total loans to households (+ 0.8% in January 2016, + 0.8% the previous month as well). Also in January 2016, the total amount of outstanding loans of households registered a positive variation of 0.8%, “confirms the recovery of the mortgage market.”
Abi also points out that in February the amount of loans granted by banks to customers operating in Italy 1826800000000 of euro was sharply higher by nearly 150 billion the total amount of customer deposits amounted to 1.6782 trillion. On the funding side, the data tell that deposits increase, in late February 2016, from 44.5 billion a year earlier.
On an annual basis, the increase was 3.5% in slight acceleration compared to + 3.3% in January. Decreases, however, always on an annual basis, the collection medium and long term, that realized through bonds, which in February amounted to 14.4%, with a decrease in the twelve months which in absolute terms amounted to 62, 3 billion euro). Total deposits (deposits + bonds) recorded in February 2016 that the annual change of -1 percent. As for the rates, even in February there was a new low for the cost of new mortgages. The rate that shows the trend of fixed and variable rates amounted to 2.40% (versus 2.49% the previous month). Of the total new loans almost two-thirds (63.66%) are at fixed rates.
Also in February the average interest rate on total bank deposits from customers (sum of deposits, bonds and repurchase agreements in euro for households and non-financial) amounted to 1.14% (compared to 1.16 % the previous month). The deposit rate (current accounts, savings deposits and certificates of deposits) has instead placed at 0.49% (0.50% the previous month), on the PCT to 1.31% (1.26% the month previous). The bond yield was found in February amounted to 2.94%, as the previous month.


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Autore: Jessica Bertazzo