Banks, Fund Atlas: handle suffering and capital increases

ROME (WSI) – It will be called Fund Atlante, 5-7 billion euro, which will be managed by Capital Management Sgr Quaestio: is this the new preserver of Italian banks. And ‘as announced a note of the same asset management company headed by Alessandro Penati, which states that:

“As a result of meetings during the day today with a large number of institutional investors, banks, insurance, banking foundations and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Quaestio reached a number of participants” such as to allow the launch.

The statement continues, explaining that the Fund Atlas will serve to:

“Ensure the success of the capital required by the Authority Supervisory increases in banks today are faced with objective market difficulties, acting as a back-stop facility” and to “solve the problem of suffering. The amount of suffering that will be deconsolidated from bank balance sheets will be far greater than those purchased by the Fund, as Atlas will focus its investments on the junior tranche of securitization vehicles, being able to rely on those with greater seniority for which c ‘it is a clear interest from investors. ”


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Autore: Jessica Bertazzo